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Llewellyn consulting in an independent economics advisory firm founded in 2009 following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Our research team is led by Dr. John Llewellyn, former Head of International Forecasting and Chef de Cabinet at the OECD, and Global Chief Economist at Lehman Brothers; and Russell Jones, former Chief Economist and Global Head of FX Research in leading banks, including UBS, ADIA, and Westpac. We specialise in strategic top-down macroeconomic analysis and thought leadership. We focus on macroeconomics, technology, policy, and political issues. We use our depth of experience and broad expertise to provide early insight into key developments, turning points, risk, and implications for markets and economies. We operate with a core team and a network of associates, recognised experts, and business partners who work with us project-by-project; and have strong connections with policymakers and decision makers.

3D Printing

( < 1 min read ) Complex supply chains, traditional manufacturing, and product designs all stand to be transformed Related Reports Next-generation nuclear CHINA: Are multinational supply chains exiting China? CHINA: The latest evidence on supply-chain migration Olam International: Cocoa Against

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Economic Risks

( < 1 min read ) Please find attached the January issue of our monthly Economic Risks. Below is a top-level summary: A rampaging virus and lockdowns extend secondary dips Immunisation programmes take time to reach critical mass Bankruptcies, joblessness, poverty, and inequality

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Comment – How to look at the RCEP

( 8 mins read ) Press play to listen The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a large trade agreement. While it falls short of the US-inspired CPTTP, it will bring a range of benefits. Particularly important will be whether

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Ten developments to watch for in 2021, and beyond

( 2 mins read ) LlewellynConsulting’s Ten developments to watch for in 2021, and beyond details what we judge most likely to happen; and pays particular attention to detailing what we see as the main risks and uncertainties. There is

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Global Letter – Mind the gap: ambition v action

( < 1 min read ) For net-zero GHG emissions pledges to be credible, change needs to happen forthwith Related Reports Global Letter – Climate change: let the numbers speak Global Letter – Tip of the iceberg Technology Series: Satellite methane

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Hydrogen (H 2 )

( 4 mins read ) A potentially vital part of the low carbon economy, decarbonising the hard-to tame-sectors. What it is Hydrogen (H 2 ) has three principal functions: a fuel; a chemical feedstock; and an energy carrier. It thereby

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Economic Risks

( < 1 min read ) Secondary dips in activity multiplying before vaccines arrive A US Presidential inauguration surrounded by chaos Inflation falling further and remaining uncomfortably low Fiscal support being extended, further boosting debt ratios Central banks becoming yet more

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Global Letter: A tale of toggle PIKs

( < 1 min read ) Credit market excesses typically occur in times of low interest rates, when investor demand for higher-yielding instruments leads to the creation of asset classes with returns that, in hindsight, were out of line with the

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Global Letter: Groundhog day in Turkey

( 4 mins read ) Turkey has once again succumbed to some of its all too familiar failings. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose We at Llewellyn Consulting have long argued that some economies behave as if they

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Comment: The importance of inflation expectations

( 9 mins read ) Inflation has been under control for several decades and is historically low. But opinion is now divided: some fear enduring ‘lowflation’; others price instability. Much will depend on the future dynamics of inflation expectations. For

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Life extension

( < 1 min read ) Life extension aims to extend dramatically humans’ healthy lifespan; but current approaches lack evidence. Related Reports Technologies series – Brain-Computer Interfaces – January 2020 Technologies series – Immunotherapies – March 2020 Climate change and disease

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@graceblakeley There were a lot of us as macroeconomists advising, including my colleagues at @LlewellynEcon and @LSEnews, saying that austerity was precisely the wrong idea. The 90% debt level paper has a lot to answer for too.

From our first Global Letter of 2021: ‘Equilibrium’ and ‘cycles’ out: ‘drivers’ and ‘sustainability’ in.
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#Sustainability #economics #ESG

The young care more about #privacy, @LlewellynEcon says in this IAPP webinar, which is on right now: https://iapp.org/store/webconferences/a0l1P00000EXbFmQAL/

The volume of data that the world produces is doubling approximately every two years, rapidly outpacing the storage capabilities of current technologies.
Fast-maturing DNA data storage stands to solve these issues, and more.
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The world is awash with debt. Not all of it can possibly be paid back. For many emerging market economies in particular, a coherent programme of debt forgiveness is desperately needed. Read our Partner's piece published this week in @IPEnews here: https://www.ipe.com/home/briefing-the-long-march-to-deleveraging/10047489.article

Our partner John Llewellyn was asked to write an opinion piece for the @FT, placing the UK’s economic situation in its European context.


Ask your questions now - the Q&A with @rappidly and @LlewellynEcon will be next! https://digital.privsec.info/talks/privacy-made-positive-measuring-the-impact/ #LTIP

Major #recessions almost invariably last at least 3 years. Often the episodes last 4 or 5 years; sometimes even longer; and in one case – Italy – GDP is yet to get back to where it was in 2007: https://bit.ly/3hqpkLL

With our research partner @LlewellynEcon, we'll show you what we’ve discovered so far about the measurable effect of visible business ethics and purpose on financial performance and share valuation. You’ll also learn how to get involved. Register: https://digital.privsec.info/talks/privacy-made-positive-measuring-the-impact/ #ltip

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