Anne Frühauf


Anne Frühauf advises corporate and financial sector clients on political and policy change as it affects key sectors such as energy and minerals.

She leads Teneo’s political risk research on Southern Africa, with a particular focus on South Africa and Mozambique.

Prior to joining Teneo, Ms. Frühauf was Director for Africa Energy at Horizon, where she advised IOCs on minerals and energy policies, the competitive environment for IOCs, operating conditions, and the development of stakeholder engagement plans.

Anne previously worked as the leading analyst for Southern Africa at Eurasia Group and Control Risks, where she was responsible for delivering political risk assessments to multinationals across a range of sectors, including: mining, oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications and retail.

Anne has written for the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies and regularly provides commentary for international and South African media outlets, including Reuters, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and BusinessDay.

Anne has an MSc in History of International Relations from the London School of Economics. Ms. Frühauf speaks German and Spanish, and reads Portuguese and French.

SOUTH AFRICA: Tito’s tenure

( 4 mins) The 24 February budget has reinforced the importance of keeping Finance Minister Tito Mboweni in his post, but also speculation about his tenure. President Cyril Ramaphosa needs to reshuffle his cabinet soon owning to vacancies.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Vaccine politics

( 6 mins) Facing a backlash over its vaccine strategy, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration is scrambling to reassure South Africans that some 30mn vaccines are in the pipeline. Yet few further details regarding vaccination plans were provided at

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#Mozambique: @pressfreedom is alarmed by and investigating Mozambican authorities' efforts to expel Tom Bowker (@TomBowk), editor of @ZitamarNews.

Cc: @MISARegional

More than 70 million #COVID19 vaccine doses have been administered so far.

Less than 20,000 of these were on the African continent.

A global immunity gap puts everyone at risk. We need a global vaccination campaign that reaches everyone, everywhere.

Another South African musical legend passes on
Watch the joy and power in her voice

In case you didn’t see it, the Washington Post’s Trump fact-checkers say that in his 4 years as President, Donald Trump made 30,573 false or misleading claims. That’s roughly 20 every single day.


Just spoke with Bobi Wine and team. Their home is still surrounded by the military, and those inside unable to leave. Bobi et. al have had no access to food for days.

How embassies, in-country, have not demanded entry with food is beyond me. A total abdication.

it’s great to relax in front of the big screen after spending the day looking at the medium sized screen before I retire to bed to look at the small screen until I fall asleep

Pretty chill vibe here in this hotel lobby, as Trump supporters decompress from today’s events. All are violating local mask rules, despite multiple massive signs about the mask rule.

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