Alex Kudrin

Alex Kudrin is a Moscow-based economist and investment strategist


Alexander Kudrin is an economist and market strategist based in Moscow. He is accredited for his deep knowledge of market drives and trading strategies.

Prior to co-founding GK EM Analytica, Alex spent many years at Sberbank’s investment banking arm, Sberbank CIB, where he headed the research department. He is consistently ranked in industry surveys as Russia’s top fixed income analyst.

Previous to Sberbank, Alex worked at Troika Dialog, at the think tank Vedi, and in commercial banks such as Dialog Bank and Vybor Bank.

Alex holds a degree from Moscow State University in mechanics and mathematics, and a scientific degree in mathematics. He also holds a professorship at Moscow’s National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE).

Forecasting Russia – Reconcile the Incompatible

( 12 mins) Press play to listen The recently released set of Russia’s monthly statistics produced a mixed impression, not only because some segments of the economy performed quite well while others lagged behind, but also due to

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OFZ: Market Calm, Risks Moving to 1Q20

( 9 mins) Press play to listen Despite the new round of anti-Russian sanctions and the increase of global turbulence in the first half of August, the OFZ market remains calm. We believe that it still contains fundamental

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Economy: Making Russia Safe Again

( 10 mins) Press play to listen The CBR can support consumer demand by gradually bringing its key rate closer to more comfortable levels, where the word “comfortable” means comfort not to the foreign buyers of the government

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Russian Macro: Healthy Rate Cut

( 8 mins) Press play to listen Rosstat reported that the major economic indicators in May 2019 were not as good as in April, but that was largely expected as there were fewer working days this year in

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OFZ: Supportive Combination

( 9 mins) Press play to listen The recent CBR decision to cut the key interest rate and its generally dovish comments about the future direction of the monetary policy may support demand for OFZ from international players.

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Russia’s Growth: Walking with Hurdles

( 11 mins) Press play to listen Rosstat recently published some data which looked both disappointing and encouraging. On the one hand, it reported that Russia’s GDP grew just 0.5% in 1Q19, which was well below all expectations.

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