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Editorial: What Does a Good Deal on Public Debt Entail? We must call a spade a spade: we are in default. Neither technical nor anecdotal, simply in default. It could be an anecdote if there is an agreement with creditors in the next few weeks. This is the ninth default in the Argentine history, the third in the last 20 years. ✓ The government seems eager to reach an agreement and, above all, it feels like the president has understood that the consequences of a long period of default with legal battles included are incompatible with recovering confidence and a good economy. And, in the
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ARGENTINA: A Peculiar Orthodox Approach

( 4 mins read ) The Government panicked when the dollar peaked at ARS 195, and it took a small but noticeable turn toward orthodoxy in the last 3 weeks, as we have reported in previous editions. From a quality

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Argentina: An Opportunity for a Consistent Plan

( 17 mins read ) Editorial: An Opportunity for a Consistent Plan The IMF mission that will begin negotiations for a program with Argentina is arriving today. This is the next milestone in the economic agenda. The Government was not

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ARGENTINA: The Week at a Glance

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Argentina: Too Little, Too Late

( 15 mins read ) Press play to listen Editorial The Central Bank has changed the game. For the first time in a long time, it decided to devalue faster and timidly change the interest rate structure. It left the

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ARGENTINA: The Week at a Glance

( 24 mins read ) Press play to listen The Fragility of the Labor Market and Its Social Consequences Unemployment data showed the fragility of Argentina’s social scheme very clearly. Unemployment climbed to 13.1% a lower figure than expected by

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Argentina Economy: The Week at a Glance

( 12 mins read ) The Super Cepo outshined the Budget In another country this weekly editorial would inevitably be about the Budget. The Bill was presented last week. It has a realistic activity expectation, a too-high deficit, and a

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ARGENTINA: The Week at a Glance

( 9 mins read ) No Magic without Credibility for Argentine Bonds The debt restructuring has become a reality. Argentina will have almost no financial pressure for the next 5 years, well into the following administration. The deal with the

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ARGENTINA: The Week at a Glance

( 18 mins read ) Press play to listen With a Little Help from My Friends The economic scenario is challenging for Argentina. International reserves are scarce, there is an excess of pesos, and an activity level that will fall

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🔶En septiembre la actividad avanzó 1.9% mensual, aunque todavía se encuentra 7% por debajo del nivel de febrero

🔷En términos interanuales, la caída se moderó hasta 6.9% (11.8% en ago)

🔶La contracción acumulada hasta septiembre fue de 11.9%


Busqueda laboral #Jewitter

Desde Judaica Norte estamos buscando un coordinador de Juventud para Marzo 2021:

- 10 horas semanales.
- Preferencia de la zona (movilidad propia excluyente).
- Experiencia como Madrij/Rosh.

Si conocen alguien que me escriba por MD.

Para el turno mañana, ya esta disponible el episodio #30 de la Economía en 3 minutos. Esta semana "Los impuestos más locos del mundo". La creatividad argentina para crear impuestos está intacta. Ya casi es adicción.


El Índice de Confianza en el Gobierno (ICG) elaborado por @UTDT_Gobierno a partir de datos generados por @Poliarquia_ registra 2,02 puntos, avanzando 1,4% en el último mes. El índice crece 2% en términos interanuales.

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